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About Ariana

ArianaA citizen of the world, Ariana has traveled extensively. A Northern California native, she finds California one of the most beautiful places to live. Close to both mountains and sea, with breathtaking national parks, a gorgeous coastline, vineyards and easy access to both large metropolitan areas or small towns, it has everything to delight.

Ariana Thaxter’s travels have shown her the exquisite architecture of Europe found in France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. She has been exposed to the South American cultures of Argentina, Chile and Peru. Having lived in Mexico as a child, she has grown up with the colorful folk art, tapestries and talavera pottery from Mexican culture that is vivid, bright and happy.

flowerAs an artist, there are so many avenues for inspiration. The illustrations found within this site, are a single style Ariana Kristina Thaxter has created on her own. They nod to times past, the simple, striking narrative found in black and white graphic arts. Ariana is inspired by the European “Modern Art” period of the late 19th Century and Early 20th Century, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, the Victorian period and Arts & Craft’s Movement.

Each of her illustrations are an original work of art, sketched either freehand or through the computer program pen found in Adobe Illustrator.

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